Welcome to the RP Vortex. There are a few quick rules and regulations that are required to be adhered to, in order to keep this service open, fair and free for you to use.
To start, there is an obvious caveat required;
All @rpvortex.online accounts are considered parody/fan fiction accounts. Under no circumstances are anyone signing up for this service to be considered actually attempting to be the person or characters depicted.
All @rpvortex.online accounts are required to adhere to international laws regarding underage persons, and this includes no in character 18+ content with minors, and no out of character 18+ content with a minor who is writing the opposing character. Zero. Tolerance.
This service is provided "As is", which is to say that as I am paying for a managed fediverse server, I am not guaranteeing anything from uptime, to specific services being available because I have no control over these things.
Harassment, bullying, bigotry of any kind, and block evasion are not tolerated, and can be reported with screenshots to @TheCreator@RPVortex.online (And will be dealt with as soon as they are able.)
For more information, or simply to ask for rule clarification, please contact @FrostedSiren@Mstdn.Social, @TheCreator@RPVortex.online, or email frostedsiren@frostedsiren.ca.
By signing up for this service you are agreeing to all of the above rules, whether you claim to have read them, or not.
These rules are in addition to any local, state/provincial, or federal laws that are applicable in your area. Thank you.

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