When the Lady Loki comes home, Vee is reclined on her bed, waiting for her love to return so they can get to the business of defending Varanna’s record.


{Hm. There are two names in that one’s head.}

{Don’t be a prude, Denise. It’s only natural.}

Tori is too busy unwrapping presents to notice the extra mind in the backyard, but Vee telepathically senses the Aussie’s presence. Still, she doesn’t want to alarm her sister, so she stays quiet on the subject.

{Open Clover’s next. She did well picking it out.}

{I recently met a woman who recharged me sexually, so I’m in the zone, as the humans say.}

{That winged little lady is kind of intimidating…}

{Anyone want to help a gal plan her sister’s baby shower?}

{And don’t you forget it, Bluenette.} Preens like a queen.

{She’s radiant, isn’t she. I can’t wait to be an aunt.}

They all but succeeded in wiping out the Aierlouin.

{Well, now… That is more of Madame LeVert than I ever thought I’d see.}

After a very satisfying night with Lady Loki, Varanna’s mind was blown to the point that she forgot about her last day of finals. At 3:00pm, the Arcturian texts her professors to reschedule her bar exam.


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