{My daughter isn’t going to have many play dates with Keeley/Logan or Lorine and Valyn’s kid before they grow up, I’m guessing?}

{Less than a month until my due date!}

Speaking of half-human alien babies…

{And while we’re at it, we can revamp your image.}

Tori is laying in bed reading, when her phone chimes with a text from Shelbie saying to message Chloe about designing a new wardrobe. The Arcturian sighs and picks up her phone to text @BlueDeathCheatr.

📲 Hey! It’s Tori!
I heard you need some new clothes
A perfect reason to go shopping!

Clover had gotten Seriana a children’s book about a lovable but goofy wolf named Cuddly who makes friends with a bunny and a deer fawn. Completely unrealistic, but also completely adorable.

The very pregnant Arcturian is surrounded by all her favorite people, each bearing a gift for her little-one-to-be.

{Vee, thank you for organizing this. I never thought I’d have a sister, let alone one so amazing.}

{Now, where has my other favorite werewolf gotten to?}

She means Clover.

{Cal!} Without a second thought, the strikingly tall blonde throws her arms around @CalHunter. {How are you?}

{Speaking of, when is the big fat Avari wedding?}

{I know. Why do you think we never reconnected?}

{You really think I’m pretty, even though I’m big and pregnant?}

The Velorians tried to eradicate my people.

Tori, who has now just begun to show, takes a short running start and hugs @BlueDeathCheatr tight.

{Chloe!! I've missed you!}

RP Vortex (II)

Welcome to our little RP-verse! Rule #1: Have fun!