She’s taking some time to herself on Cetus-4. She’ll be back in time for My grandchild’s birth.

This was not My doing, daughter.

Though Lorine does look amazing at that height.

“Then by the power Self-vested in Me, I now declare you partners in undying life. You may kiss the bride.”

“And do you, Dejsy Björk, take this Cosmic entity as your partner, to hold and cherish, unto the end of all things?”

“Now onto you two,” She says, turning Her attention to the Woman in Black and the Swedish vampire.

“Do you, Death, Reaper of Souls and Guardian of The Veil, take this woman to be your spouse, to hold and cherish, unto the end of all things?”

The Creatrix ignores the bickering siblings.

“Then, by the power vested in Me by… well, Me, and by the laws of both the Avari and the humans of Earth, I now pronounce you partners in matrimony. You may kiss the brides.”

“Good! Then let’s do this one union at a time.”

She turns to the daisy-chained quartet first.

“Do the four of you, Chloe, Nexus, Etynire and Valyn, take one another to be your dearly wedded spouses, to hold and cherish until the end of all things?”

> here who would object to these unions or has any reason why they should not go forward, I bid you speak now or forever hold your peace.

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The naked Cosmic ginger clears Her throat and speaks in a gentle and pleasant yet authoritative tone.

Dearest friends and family, we are gathered here in this Realm to marry the Nexus of Causality to Chloe Elizabeth Price of Sol-3, and to Valyn Anaria and Etynire Stelest of the planet of the Avari; and also to marry the Cosmic of Death to Dejsy Björk of Sol-3.

To say that I am the proudest Mother in Existence is as obvious as it is an understatement.

Before we begin, if there are any present>

Jane and Dejsy, what would you say to a double wedding?

*snaps Her fingers*

Huh. That should’ve done something.

The real Rebecca Sheridan must be an understanding person to accept her identity being co-opted by a Cosmic.

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