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I don't know what the hell to do. I can't even begin to process this. My brain is in full panic shutdown.


I love all of you but I think the server has been turned into chunky salsa

We have had 370-odd new sign ups in the past hour and the server feels a little icky. Please be patient with it. Somebody did not give the hamsters enough red bull to spin this fast.

. . . I'm going to pretend that's not disturbing because she's the scary Stark.

@TheCreator That depends on what cooling systems you use, but blood tends to get crunchy when you heat it up so I don't recommend it.

That's actually a rule.


The realm is set up for RP accounts only

I can't see my mentions right now because the server might be crying.

Or bleeding.

Do servers bleed?

@mkhbarsa if you require assistance with account migration, please let me know.

Earth 1 appears to be inventing an entirely new variation of anxiety never seen before.

It is recommended to take a break, listen to some music, sip some water, pet a cat, look at bunny pictures, and hug someone important.

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