Ladies… Can we put the magic hammers and lightning bolts down? People need to chill.

We’re in this together. The last thing I want is to force Tasha into anything.

Look— You can eat peanut butter and stuffed grape leaves with a spork. That’s all I care about there.

*caresses her bump*

I’d say she’s pretty well committed.

Is anyone else going to acknowledge that Beckie doesn’t use contractions?

No pun intended.

Not many things intimidate Sloane or make her anxious, but this is definitely one of them. The idea that in a few short months, she and @ArcedUpStark will be parents has Sloane on the edge of her seat.

Sloane has a steel-trap grip on her fiancée’s hand in the waiting room. What doesn’t help is that they are the only same-sex couple.

At two and a half months, Sloane has a noticeable enough bump that it’s begun to draw people’s excited eyes from her face. Not that she minds.

It isn’t unusual for Sloane and Tasha to have minimal contact during the week—a price of being one of the topmost power couples in New York City. But tonight is Saturday and Sloane wants to cuddle with her gorgeous fiancée.

“Has anyone ever used the word ‘workaholic’ in reference to you?” Sloane leans against the doorframe of Tasha’s lab.


“My ultrasound is coming up. I’m...” Her bracelets flicker as her hands ice up. “...Yeah.”

While checking out at the grocery store, Sloane gets a call from the clinic for a follow up appointment. But she can’t wait until she gets home to share the news. The Stark tech in her car is wildly intuitive; all Sloane has to say is “Call Tash”.


Manipulative from the outset, Sloane’s famed mother times her visit to the Stark-Rincourt house while her daughter is at the grocery store.

Soren smooths out her dress with one hand—her handbag hung on her other elbow—and then rings the doorbell.


“Towering stature runs in the family. My mother is 6'6" and her sister, my aunt Sydney, is 6'7". So, if you ever find yourself in a room with me and them, @ArcedUpStark, don’t feel bad about being short. Trust me—it won’t be the only way you’ll fail to measure up to my mother.”

The great volleyball legend, Soren Rincourt. If you really listen, you can hear the entitlement and expectations in this picture.

I am legitimately concerned about possibly having triplets. Beckie has gotten to me.

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