Yes, every week in Earth time, you’ll get ten more weeks along.

The stage is set. Valyn, naked as the day she was born, finds her first wife in the living room watching Bitchin’ Rides.

“Lorrrrriiiiine,” she says in a singsong voice.


I’m of a ‘the more the merrier’ attitude. Although her temporal issue could be problematic.

15 inches of added verticality makes my blue-haired wife a sexy gal.

“Is our wife courting a Nymph?

Good for you, Birdie.”

Watches approvingly.

Oh, she’s doing great! Her due date is October 19, so she’s a little anxious. But she’s excited to meet her daughter. You know how she is.

Chloe needs a new wardrobe.

Fortunately I know a very fashionable alien.

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