> most of the sunny, if chilly, day. The local park offers little in the way of interaction with other people like her, but Sanne has a good feeling about it—the first such feeling she's had since initially being reduced to a formless puddle of metal.

Sitting alone is a redhead that gives off an officious, but still kind nature. Sanne's therapist had told her to just try talking to another person to start with. So, here goes nothing...

"Um... Hello. How are you?"


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In the immortal words of the Barenaked Ladies, it's been one week since the accident that had Sanne Rindell declared legally dead and had rendered her incapable of maintaining a solid human form without a certain amount of mental focus.

But for the first time in several days, the timid Dutchwoman ventures out of her apartment in San Francisco, in search of companionship. A bar seemed too public a place to potentially lose control and end up a job for a wet-dry vac, so she decides to make the >

// A reality where Sanne... //

... was never engaged to Jessica Laren?

// Yes. And don't you go looking for her! //

🎶 Je kunt me niet stoppen... 🎶

// Actually, I literally can. //

// If you want to continue the Twitter SL here, which Tasha should it go to? @FrostedSiren


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