@Offcampuscal The two of them will stick out like sore thumbs in the club, but for very different reasons.

“Care to make a little bet? First one to have someone offer to buy them a drink has to pay our bar tab.”

@Offcampuscal @Cal “Well, I’ve been doing a bit of walking about on my days off work, you know, to see what’s around. And it turns out there’s a lesbian bar right off Main Street. Never been to one. It might be fun.”

@Offcampuscal @Cal “Oh, well, we can’t have that! My mother always said that if someone is dressed more casually that you, they aren’t underdressed; you’re overdressed. Give me a minute to change.”

Bobbie leaves for a few moments, then returns dressed in a black blouse, a gold skirt with a pair of black tights, and simple black heels.

“Now we’re both underdressed,” she says with a wink. “You look lovely, by the way.”

@Cal > fills out an elegant navy-blue dress quite nicely, and her heels add a couple inches to her already towering height.

This lupine little lady is everything to Bobbie. And Cal deserves to be shown that devotion.

“You up for a night out?”

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It’s been a few weeks since Bobbie moved in with @Cal. She managed to get a job as a tour guide at a paleontology museum in town. Her bosses are a little curious as to how Bobbie knows such details about animals that have been extinct for millions of years, and they doubt that most of them are true. But the transplant from a world ravaged by those very creatures is careful not to let on too much.

Tonight, however, is for Bobbie and Cal; no shop talk. The redhead’s tall, lean, athletic figure >

@Offcampuscal The smell of the food brings back a childhood memory of the last time Bobbie had takeout. “Ohhh... That’s so good,” she says before digging in. “You know, we don’t have any of this in my world.”

@Offcampuscal “DVD?” Bobbie chuckles. “Kellyn’s mom said DVDs were already going out when she was a kid.”

She then gets up to receive their food from the delivery man. “Dinner and a movie? Sounds lovely.”

@Offcampuscal “Yeah,” Bobbie scoffs, “John Hammond brought back monsters that died off 65 million years ago. Kinda screwed over the present-day world.”

The mention of Back to the Future makes Bobbie tilt her head in confusion. “Oh! That movie from 70 years ago? Er—30... years... ish...?”

@Offcampuscal “Mmm... On second thought, I’d better not. I’m too much like my old man; I’d try to change their future—and mine—and just end up fucking things up even worse than in my reality.” She shrugs. “And believe me,” she adds, “The irony of not wanting to mess with the past is not lost on me.”

@Offcampuscal “Especially with how drastically the world changed—er, will change in a year or so.” Then an idea hits her. “Do you think it would screw things up if I tried to meet my parents in this reality?”

@Offcampuscal “You know, the weirdest thing about this world isn’t the lack of dinosaurs; it’s that I somehow ended up 36 years back in time. Even if there were dinos running around everywhere, it still wouldn’t be the same. Does that make sense?”

@Offcampuscal “You killed...? Wow. I can’t imagine how that must feel.”

@Offcampuscal “Oh believe me, it’s not selfish at all. I don’t want to go back either. Aside from Kellyn, there’s nothing for me there.” A heavy pause separates Bobbie’s next remark. “My father vanished when I was a baby. And my mother... She’s... gone.

But look at me, going on about myself. Tell me about Cal.”

@Offcampuscal > haunts your thoughts, your dreams. We’ve become an endangered species, Cal.”

@Offcampuscal “Ooh,” Bobbie winces as images of people decidedly not in one piece flash through her head. “The Southwest US is mostly full of carnivores. The things I’ve seen in the Grand Canyon...” She shakes her head. “But the Midwest and Appalachians are home to herbivores and some omnivores. I got those scars on my side from a rogue carnie just outside of DC.” Bobbie stretches out her legs and rests her feet on the coffee table. “I met a guy who lost an arm to a raptor in SoCal. That stuff >

@Offcampuscal “I’m going to have to go with that one,” she points to a sub shop menu. “I’ve never really had takeout.

My mom told me stories of the world pre-dino breakout. It always seemed simpler, yet also very complicated. But in a different way. Back then, everyone was either pro- or anti-dinosaur. But in my lifetime, all that doesn’t matter anymore. The world got real apolitical, real fast after the Lockwood escape.”

@Offcampuscal “Right back atcha, cutie.” Bobbie scratches behind Cal’s wolf ears and leans down to kiss the top of her head. “What do you say to ordering in? That’s still a thing here, right?”

@Offcampuscal “Maybe,” Bobbie takes a kneeling seat on the sofa with her feet tucked under her; this is the most comfortable position for her. “But I just can’t shake the feeling that something much bigger is happening.”

//Unrelated reference to a SL with Kate where the Creatrix is depowered. Nothing Bobbie or Briar can do. They’re just unusually affected by it. Figured I’d loop you in 😉

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