A stranger passing through would not stop to take notice of a petite young woman with certain... lupine features.

“The more I learn about this world, the more I want to stay, even though my gut feeling tells me to run as fas as I can back to my reality.”


@RobynDearing *Cal stopped, turning to look at the woman with a puzzled head tilt* do you need some help?

@Offcampuscal “Hoh boy, do I.” It’s odd, but Bobbie seems more exhausted by this dino-less world than her Jurassic one. “Last thing I remember is tracking down the last Deinonychus for InGen’s DNA catalogue. There was a flash of bluish light, and then...” She holds out her arms. “I woke up here.”

@RobynDearing - Right *Cal directed them towards a cafe. She had a feeling that this discussion was going to need coffee and probably snacks* sounds like dimensional hopping, which is not as unusual as you'd imagine *she gestured to the waitress * one expresso and a..? *she looked to Bobbie*

@Offcampuscal “Tea. Black. Thanks.” In her current attire, the redhead garners stares and snickers. “Um... So, what can you tell me about this world? I assume you don’t have a worldwide dinosaur occupation?”

@RobynDearing Not that I'm aware of *the waitress busses off with their order* there are some but they're in their own land and that location is kept secret. *she smiled and held out a hand* I'm Cal by the way.

@Offcampuscal “Bobbie,” she shakes Cal’s hand, “Bobbie Dearing. So, you’re telling me Isla Nublar exists here? But... it hasn’t gone haywire?” Then it hits her. “What year is it?”

@RobynDearing - Isla Nubla? *Cal looked puzzled * never heard of it. I don't know what the place the dinos live in is called. Its one of those not very well kept secrets. Just names and locations unknown, but "everyone" knows it exists *she made the quote marks round the words* like "everyone" knew about Area 51 and the aliens. *she paused at Bobbies last question * its 2020.

@Offcampuscal She mouths the year in disbelief. “Jeez, I won’t be born for three years.” Glancing around at all the bemused onlookers, Bobbie suddenly gets self-conscious. “Any place I might be able to get some new clothes?”

@RobynDearing *Cal considered* I've got a good selection of spares at home that you could have a rummage through and there's a few clothes shop around.

@Offcampuscal “No offense, hun, but you’re tiny and I’m... not.” The next challenge is the fact that in Bobbie’s future, money isn’t as important as not getting eaten. “But I don’t carry money, so... Beggars can’t be choosers.” She then stands, displaying her stature to the room. “Lead the way.”

@RobynDearing - Cal did so and before too long they were at her apartment. It wasn't much to look at, in Cals eyes its most important feature was that she could access the roof with ease, but it was homely and comfortably cluttered with well worn and loved furniture. She opened her wardrobe* There might be something *she delved in and pulled out some trousers and a t shirt that could actually be close to Bobbies size* I do occasionally need something bigger.

@Offcampuscal That remarks piques Bobbie’s interest, but she figures if she wanted to elaborate, she would.

Having grown up in a world decidedly lacking any semblance of convenience, Bobbie is perfectly comfortable undressing in front of this relative stranger. Fortunately, the clothes fit her slim yet athletic frame well. “Not really my color,” she says, checking herself out in the mirror, “But a nice fit. Thanks. I’ll get these back to you once I have my own wardrobe.”

@RobynDearing - No worries *Cal grinned* do you have any idea how you're going to get back? * she didn't know much about dimensional travel but she guessed it wasn't easy *

@Offcampuscal “Well,” Bobbie tugs her shirt downwards to fully cover her midriff, “I’m not really sure how I ended up here. So, finding a way back is a challenge in itself.”

The displaced dino hunter goes to the window and looks out across a world she never knew. “Since I got here, I’ve wondered if I even want to go back.” Turning back around to look at Cal, Bobbie winces. “Is that selfish?”

@RobynDearing - No *Cal was certain of that* wanting to be safe and secure isn't selfish, nor is wanting to get away from a dangerous situation. *she came over to stand by Bobbie*I know the feeling.

@Offcampuscal “I’m guessing you’ve had your share of tangles with monsters?”

Bobbie clears her throat to try to hide her stomach growling. It’s been over a day since she had a decent meal, but she doesn’t want to impose on Cal any more. She’s been so kind already.

@RobynDearing - More than I'd like *Cal admitted,then she tilted her head, picking up on the growling* I was going to go with soup and a sandwich for dinner. Would you like to join me?

@RobynDearing - Its not any abuse, honestly *She was all ready fishing about in cupboards* you're hungry and I'd love the company.

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