Seems like a bitey found her here, too.

"Hello there." Little finger-wave. @AimoTapionen

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@AimoTapionen The woman dressed for a safari gawks at the strange manlike creature. “Sorry, I... don’t understand. Do you speak English?”

@RobynDearing he understands the last four words, at least.

"get out!!"

he's not going to try to feed on her, she looks like she can defend herself well enough.

@AimoTapionen Being as good a hunter-tracker as her father, Bobbie misunderstands this warning as a fearful cowering. “I won’t hurt you.” She puts a hand to her chest. “I’m Bobbie.”

@RobynDearing aimo is not interested in making new friends. the last time he tried that, they tried to put a stake on his heart.

he just slinks back to his hideout, locking the door.

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