This reality gets weirder every day.

I think I just saw Cal put a tiny redhead into her shirt pocket.

Kellyn Lockwood won’t be born for another... eight years. Me in two.

On another note...

Any ladies out there looking for a gal who can handle prehistoric reptiles? Chivalry is a bit different where I’m from.

A stranger passing through would not stop to take notice of a petite young woman with certain... lupine features.

“The more I learn about this world, the more I want to stay, even though my gut feeling tells me to run as fas as I can back to my reality.”


The fuck kind of reality is this? I’m not complaining about not having to evade raptors and Dilophosauruses, but this isn’t my world.

Seems like a bitey found her here, too.

"Hello there." Little finger-wave. @AimoTapionen


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