He’s looked after by this hot Dutch chick. She had a definite Kate Beckinsale-Underworld vibe.

Well, u-um… I’m not really sure… I think it’s in Europe…?

Are the people of this city aware that there’s a strange man living under the streets?

The Englishwoman literally appears from the fog in a European city that she doesn’t recognize.

“Oh… No, this isn’t right.” A faint noise from a nearby sewer grate catches Quinn’s attention. She goes over to it and, returning to a vaporous state, vanishes into the the dark, subterranean caverns.

In a dimly lit corner of a corridor, Quinn can barely make out a humanoid figure. “Hello? Is someone there?”


Marvelous advice, stranger. But those aren’t options for me.

I once got partially breathed in. It took me weeks to fully reconstitute myself in solid form.


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