“I just heard from my mother. Pack a light bag, Kallie. We’re going home.” @KalineBillington

It’s taken her a good week and a half, but Lydia has come to terms with the massive info dump about her real family.

In that time, she’s figured out all the details for her trip with @KalineBillington. So, she shoots her a quick text.

📲 Everything’s set for France. Sandrine is here. You’ll love her! ❤️

Is that a county?—no, state. America has states. It’s a state?

Excellent! I met a girl from France who said she’d take us there.

Good. We’re getting away for a while. Some place nice. I’m thinking the south of France.

She’s from a town called Burnett in the Arcadian Province.

Could you… tell me about yourself? Where did you come from?

You’re my father. I couldn’t forget you if I tried.

Whether you’re ever my dad is up to you.

I want to get to know you. But…


Baby steps. Can we do that?

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