@Alterna @MagitekGirl > her.

The two women are unwelcome visitors to the Enterprise, as Niall presses the button at the entrance. [x]

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It took all of her charm and an appeal to @Alterna's better nature—such as it is—but Niall has managed to convince The Otherworlder to come down off her pity party on the mount and help fix the problem she caused.

Of course, @MagitekGirl doesn't trust either of them as far as she could caber toss them, but the Ivalician is connected to Beckie Mordan in a way that no other being in all of Existence is. So, while such a situation feels foul to all involved, Cid needs them as much as they need >

You know, for a Gallifreyan AI, you're irritatingly cryptic.

Actually, scratch that. Gallifreyans are cryptic as fuck. You're on point.

So, it'll be the Clearview Cage for Alterna, huh?

I'm... okay with that.

And so, Niall steps through the portal, out of the known multiverse and into a long-dead realm.

So it begins...

Please, wherever you are... Let me come to you. For what it's worth, Blue is right. Doing nothing solves nothing.

Suddenly, from the furthest reaches of the Cosmos, Niall senses something different.

This may be what leads her to Alterna.

Then the three of you must understand why she failed to anticipate Nemesis's trap.

Facing one's dark mirror is an experience that shouldn't be so blithely dismissed.

In all of existence, there's only one version of Rebecca Mordan.

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