Don’t worry, my lips are sealed on that topic.

Is there Avari technology in Sandria, or will I be delivering our baby the Earth way?

Our child will adapt to the environment on Earth as an Avari, right?

…That caught me off guard, I’ll admit.

But yes, I’m honored!

*talks to her bump* You’re stepping right into the family business, huh little one? Altering futures already.

You can pick the middle name.

One more tiny request… Can I give birth in Sandria? It’s the one thing all our baby’s futures have in common.

Most of the futures I see involving our baby show a girl. I’m thinking Keeley for her and Logan for him.

Nexus bursts into the room and places her hands on her slightly bulging lower stomach.

“Did you get me pregnant?!”


That’s… not possible. A mortal can’t just put a baby in a Cosmic. It doesn’t work that way.

“I feel a little different after the other night…”

I’m glad I made Lorine taller. It’s easier to get some from a 6’10” woman when you’re 7’3” in heels.

Oh, Nexus definitely had a hand in Chloe’s… upward growth.

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