Being the last of her kind has conferred on Lucy a responsibility to protect the world, this human world, from certain evil. But at the moment, she figures it wise to seek counsel from one of the oldest and wisest beings in existence.

Some part of her otherworldly soul twinges at the energy present on the church grounds in this tiny, tucked away village in Maine. The resonance sets her golden eyes aglow, as a sharp breeze passes through her silvery flaxen hair.

Nevertheless, Lucy knocks >

@LucyFournier Blue answered the door with a piqued eyebrow. "Miss Fournier." She gave the woman a nod. "How may I help you?"

@DarthGodCat “I only seek your advice, Blue, as I always have.” A mused smile spreads her lips. “But a cup of tea would not be unappreciated.”

@DarthGodCat Upon stepping past the threshold—something that requires permission, as with the descendants of the Dark Immortals—Lucy begins to react more strongly to Blue’s presence, an aura of gentle light surrounding her.

“Forgive me,” she says shyly, “I’m not used to your energy.

There’s a darkness on the horizon, Blue. But it... it needs to come to pass. The Fates have told of it’s importance.”

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