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Yes, I see that now, babe.

Deepest apologies, Ms. Stark. And congratulations to you both. You’ll make wonderful parents.

They can take your measurements. How is that not unsettling, at the very least?

Does anyone else find Tasha’s bionic eyes both unsettling and fascinating?

While backing up a frisky alien at the lesbian bar with her wife, Nika leans in and shouts to Sharon over the thrumming techno music. “Babe! Can you picture Tori as a mother?!”


Why do I have the feeling that Toriana will be the only one of us three who won’t be waking up with a hangover?

I have an idea that may benefit both your fiancée and myself, @ArcedUpStark.

Ooh. Who's that ginger woman? She's brimming with regenerative energy.

Through a few harsh promises to be called upon at a later date, Kanika had secured a visit from both her parents for a dinner with both their daughters and their new daughter-in-law. Nika had also managed to convince her sister to "play nice"—a tenuous agreement at best.

Having gotten everything as perfect as possible, Nika has taken to gradually wearing a track in the floor.

"Sharon... I don't know whether to apologize in advance or assure you that it'll all be okay."


The return to Jolly Old London hit Kanika differently than she anticipated. Even while doing her normally enjoyable scientific work, she felt distracted. Visions of her lovely wife have just rendered her petri dishes and microbial samples... uninteresting.

Nika takes out her phone and calls @SpangledLady.

If Paris has run its course...

...Perhaps a trip to a warmer climate would be nice?

Pack your swimsuit, my love. Sun and sand are just what the doctor orders.

Not long after the newlyweds got back to their hotel room that night, there comes a knock on their door. "I asked the videographer to put a rush on our wedding footage," Nika explains, getting up to receive the small parcel from the hotel employee in the hallway.

She then leans over beside the television and plugs a flash drive into the USB port.

"I thought we could watch it together," Nika says, taking @SpangledLady's hand.

It's been several months since I've had an incident. But that was only because I drove myself into my work.

But now I have a wife to devote myself to.

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