“If you need any help, @MagitekGirl, with anything, please consider me family to your wife and girls.”

@MagitekGirl “Nor do I. But there are enough little cousins in the Anwar family that I’m a well-learned sitter. Though, I’m not versed in caring for kids of Beckie’s species. I assume that their chimeric composition of abilities would make for a challenge.”

@KanikaAnwar "I haven't the foggiest." Cid admitted. "Part of the thing I find so intimidating."

@MagitekGirl “Could I speak with Beckie myself, or would that be overstepping?”

@MagitekGirl “You know, before I... Before Sharon came into my life, people like her, like you, like Beckie, you would’ve been nothing but pins on a conspiracy theorist’s board. But I’m glad that that’s then and this is now. I wouldn’t trade my life with Sharon for anything. And that grace extends to you and yours, Cid. I’ll take good care of your girls, you have my word.”

@KanikaAnwar "I suspect it will be the inverse, more often than not." Cid chuckled. "And... Mrs. Carter?"

Cid paused. "If anyone. Threatens you or Sharon.

They answer to me, first."

@MagitekGirl “Thank you, Cid. That means more than you know.

My wife is a very strong willed person. But she’s also proud. That being said, Captain Carter is very sensitive on the topic of her origins. What I mean to say is, Beckie holds no judgment against you for where you came from; you’ll find the same goes for me and Sharon.”

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