I genuinely meant no harm. Sometimes I get carried away. I apologize for how that must’ve come off.

I only wanted to study her biological and physiological makeup. Kryptonians are a fascinating species.

“So, a couple things, love:

The university has offered me a teaching position, which means more money.

Also… Ali is pregnant, which has me thinking about you and me, possibly, maybe… becoming parents ourselves…?”


“Babe, when did Ophelia’s girlfriend start working for the government?”

Kanika mistakenly texts the wrong Ariel, looking for the steampunk Englishwoman.

[txt @GunTotingSiren]
Ms. Triton
Could I trouble you for Ms. Tesla’s phone number? She might have something I need.

- Kanika

“If you need any help, @MagitekGirl, with anything, please consider me family to your wife and girls.”

If Lydia sits for those kids, they’ll end up with strange accents.

Not unlike our children, @SpangledLady.

Is something happening with Ariel and Abyss? The oceans are stormy lately.

Sometimes the biologist in me won’t shut her mouth, which makes it easy to put her foot in it.

. . . Sorry, did the tiny winged lady just say she has /forty-seven/ children?

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