ᎷᏋᏝᎾᎠᎩ would walk inside and her eyes would glance around.

" @BrainsAndMash? Liv, you home?" She'd close the door behind herself.

ᎷᏋᏝᎾᎠᎩ winces. Her side feels a bit tender, she'll go sit on the couch for just a minute.

ᎷᏋᏝᎾᎠᎩ is a little woozy tody.

On the plus side, her fever is slightly reduced this morning.


Might be the fever talking, but I fucking love you guys.

You know that?

ᎷᏋᏝᎾᎠᎩ is checking her temperature. She's spiked a 107°F temperature. (Roughly 42°C)

She checks it several times with no change in result.

So she is putting frozen peas on the top of her head to try and cool her body down.

ᎷᏋᏝᎾᎠᎩ watches the twins sleep from the doorway for a moment.

A long moment.

A really long moment.

ᎷᏋᏝᎾᎠᎩ silently sits, writing on a notepad. She's been writing all night, the notepad is hear full.


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