I really hope they're looking after my kid.

I've been wanting to try that. I only just invented it.

*The Destroyer casts Obliterating Mirror of Flare*

Somebody is about to get obliterating mirror of equity'd.

Your preferred pronouns are going to be was/were if you assault my friends again, Puppet Mistress.

Attempted bodily control techniques versus protective magic.

Doesn't go well together for the puppet Master.

Dude. Gross. Brain paste is the worst. You gotta use whole brains.

*Quietly shakes head*

I should bake Kirce some bear claws.


"I'm sorry it took so long." Blue grumbled. "The magic field around here is argumentative." She withdrew a small jewelry box. "Put the necklace on to turn the enchantment on. Do not put it on another person. Keep it away from antimagic and radiation."

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