“I’d like to get to know @CalHunter better. Crimson knows her wolf, but that’s the extent of it.”

Ultimately, I can’t see myself being with anyone who isn’t a Lycan. It’s just too messy otherwise.

Honey, there’s nothing wrong with her. Stop trying to make her out to be sick.

Clover’s lupine instincts stand the hairs up on the back of her neck. There is definitely someone there…

“Good thing it’s just us here, otherwise things would get messy.”

“Tori being sexually charged is why we’re having this baby shower, Varanna.

I’m Clover, Tori’s bestie.”

That woman wants to watch us turn?

Does she have a death wish?

Crimson loves the Muir Woods. The redwood forests are her favorite.

Clears her throat.

“May I present…

Missy McNeill, Viscountess of Halstead.

My mother.”

Ugh. Don’t remind me. Having a viscountess for a mother and a countess for a stepmother is exhausting.

Well, kindly remove all mental photos of me and my friends and family. I want no part of… whatever it is you’re doing.


Not doing that. Keep your clipboard to yourself, blondie.

We Lycans gestate faster than normal humans, but boy howdy, I am not used to how quickly Tori has gotten very pregnant.

RP Vortex (II)

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