* Watching the shenanigans* I think I'll stick to hearding 3 dogs, a cat, a bat, a possom and an owl. It's easier.

((Headcanon for this photo: @Cal was posing for a photoshoot and Raven and the pets managed to duck in really quickly and pose. And Ca still hadn't realised when Mimi jumped on her lap. Idk 😂😂😂))

(The world's worst photo of what @Cal and Raven look like with their family)

//When the Deadvengers return, there's gonna be a Mega ™️ story arc launching.

@FangyDelight - *Tillo peeped happily. He loved being wrapped up with his wings round himself and the blanket tucked around him. It was like being hugged by a Mama bat. His little ears wriggled with contentment*

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stux - If the Australians only had access to this kind of technology during the emu wars...


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