Vampires are such wary people. This has always seemed odd; one would think that their lengthy life experience might afford them reasons to trust we humans.

The Englishwoman feels a certain kinship with the vampires. They both wait in vain for an end that will never come.

Aeterna had learned of the Swede who came to court Death herself. It took no time at all to track down Ms. @DejsyBjork using a locating spell. With any luck, she won’t put the vampire off. They tend not to be her biggest fans.

The tall, dark-haired, gothic sorceress of Persian extraction hardly blends in amongst these Scandinavians, but she’s used to standing out.

The warding holds against magical incursions, but she so rarely meets her fate at the hands of mystics.

Aeterna is having a warm bath. But she can’t relax.

They’ll find her. They always do, eventually. Once, she was dragged from her house and burned alive.

How long will it be this time?


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